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While certain elements are optional, we highly recommend including as much detail as possible to improve the information and visual appeal of your advertisements. An asterisk denotes a mandatory element. Please be aware: The products in our store are not for sale; they serve as a point of contact for the services or products you need.*

For example, your postal address

Optional social media profiles, Note: they will appear in icons or links on your article.

Please be aware that icons do not support optional text. Your URL will begin with 'https:// and 'Chatterfriends' could serve as the alt text.

Picture aspect ratios need to be 640px by 640px to be compatible with our store.

For example name or title of your product or service etc

For example £1.00 etc

These can range from colors to different types of wood or sweets; these are just a few examples.

The custom fields should be listed as follows and can be utilized to customize our example with a number and price:

1 = £1
2 = £1
3 = £1

For Example brand, colour, type of tech, or Onlyfans etc We need to know what your selling

For example 50% off, for a temp time, or while stocks last etc?

For example, how many items or services you have

3 URLs only, these are normally domains, paywalls/gates to payment services like stripe,   

We want to inform you that if you plan to charge users for your product or service, you need to set up your own paywalls or gates in the next box. These are meant to make sure that only paying customers can access your content or services. As an advertising platform, we do not provide this service, but we suggest that you look into the different options available to you to ensure a smooth and secure payment process for your users.

We recommend you to use stripe the most reliable payment taken service:

Some payment services give you code to have your paywall appear on a website  that is what we need here it will normally start html or iframe or https:// URL's

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